16個の振り子が音楽を奏でるインスタレーション作品 センサーを用いて振り子の動きを計測 振り子はただ重力にのみ従い揺れ動く。




This is a sound installation with 16 pendulums. Each pendulum’s motion is detected by infrared sensors.

With respect to the gravity, the pendulums swing back and forth freely.

The pendulums have been arranged by their size to give off a subtle difference in their phases.

This gives the trajectory of the pendulums a peculiar illusion. When a pendulum reaches the bottom, the corresponding sound will play.

As the time goes on, the sound will vary.

By layering the sounds of the pendulums like a handbell choir, a symphonic harmony emerges.

Built with

  • Arduino

  • Infrared sensor

  • Node.js

  • Cycling '74 Max

Satoshi Suzuki, Yuichi Yogo, Kazuho Ishida

#experiments #installation #soundart